Heraldica Slovenica

The fight against coronavirus now has its flag

Heraldica Slovenica, the Heraldry Society of Slovenia, embraced the initiative seen in Belgium and proposed a special flag in support of all medical staff in their efforts.

25 March 2020

The members of Heraldica Slovenica, the Heraldry Society of Slovenia, welcome the initiative to express the support to heroic medical workers by flying a certain flag – the white flag. We have seen the initiative endorsed even by the Royal palace and other buildings in Belgium, where white flags have been raised.

However, the modern vexillology already acknowledges the existing powerful symbol of the white flag; an interpretation that has sprung deep roots into our collective symbolism. The white flag generally stands for surrender, a decision to quit or a plea to negotiate. We hold a firm belief that medical workers put their enormous effort in the opposite direction – they are not surrendering, they are not quitting and they do not want to negotiate with the disease.

From this perspective, Heraldica Slovenica took the current initiative and added a symbolic representation of hope that unites all people: the victory of health care over the epidemic. The existing white field was overlaid by the symbol of healthcare workers and medicine (the Rod of Asclepius) rising over the defeated and overturned crown (Lat. corona).

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Portland, Oregon (ZDA). Photo: Ted Kaye, 4 April 2020.
Annandale, Virginia (ZDA). Photo: Peter Ansoff, 11 April 2020.
Trbovlje General Hospital. Photo: Božo Gašparič, 15 April 2020.
Novo mesto General Hospital. Photo: Tina Kincl, 17 April 2020.
Jesenice General Hospital. Photo: Maja Valjavec, 24 April 2020.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Photo: Matija Kenda, 10 April 2020.
Madison, Wisconsin, (USA). Photo: dr. Dipesh Navsaria, 18 April 2020.
University Medical Centre Ljubljana. Photo: Aleksander Hribovšek, 22 April 2020.
Government Palace in Ljubljana. Photo: Aleksander Hribovšek, 22 May 2020.
Government building in Ljubljana. Photo: Aleksander Hribovšek, 22 May 2020.
Handing over the prototype flag to the historical collection of the Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana. The picture shows President Aleksander Hribovšek and curator Blaž Vurnik. Photo: Martin Horvat, 18 May 2020.
Foreign Minister Anže Logar during the handing over of the flag to German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 29 April 2020.
Vexillum, NAVA, June 2020.
Vexillum, NAVA, June 2020.
Vexillum, NAVA, June 2020.
At the 54th meeting of the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA), held on June 13, 2020, the sponsors received 'anticorona' table flags. Photo: Zachary Harden, 1 July 2020.
#OstaniZdrav Covid19 mobile application logo, August 2020.
#OstaniZdrav Covid19 mobile application in Google Play, August 2020.
New flag book from Nozomi Kariyasu, The Magnificent Guide to World History through Flags, August 2020.
#OstaniZdrav Covid19 mobile application poster in Logatec, Slovenia. Photo: Anže Hobič, 28 August 2020.
Brdo Congress Centre. Photo: Matija Kenda, 3 September 2020.
#OstaniZdrav Covid19 mobile application street display in Ljubljana. Photo: Aleksander Hribovšek, 3 September 2020.
Government press conference room at Gregorčičeva 25 in Ljubljana, 8 September 2020.
Celje General Hospital. Photo: Federico Potočnik, 18 January 2021.
The Commemorative Badge for Selfless Work in the Fight Against COVID-19, Photo: Aleksander Hribovšek, 28 September 2020.
Brežice General Hospital. Photo: Dominik Černelič, 8 March 2021.